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Lesley Powers

“I have a deep need to take care of my characters. It’s not that I don’t want to go down the dark avenues — I want to hold their hands down the dark avenues.” ​ 

- Greta Gerwig

Hi, I’m Lesley Powers, I’m a director and writer based in Los Angeles. Working primarily in the dramedy and horror genres,  I tell stories about everyday characters who find themselves in extraordinary situations. The everyday characters are inspired by growing up in an Indiana town so small that we had a ‘drive your tractor to school’ day every year. I was a Top 10 competitor for the SheDirected competition helmed by Kate Bosworth. I’ve directed six short films and a ten episode web series that have screened at Oscar Qualifying festivals worldwide, and have worked with talent such as John Michael Higgins and Dot-Marie Jones. 


I'm currently directing the web series - This is a Lot, collaborating with the show’s creator (and childhood friend) to bring a fresh perspective to the “joys” of motherhood.  You can find our episodes here.  Additionally I'm in the final stages of casting for my debut feature film, Besties!, writing a mini-series pilot and my third feature film. 

I'm a graduate of Indiana University, Bloomington, a member of the Alliance of Women Directors (AWD) where I hold the position of program coordinator on the Rising Director Fellowship, and a proud Mom to my son Luca.

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