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Hey Hun, 

- Feature film in development -

Titles: Director, Co-Writer, Producer


Hey Hun is about a toxic friendship that just won’t die.  Heather, the bull-headed loner, and Sadie, the attention whore always made an odd pairing, but their friendship managed to stand the test of time.  But maybe it shouldn’t have?  As adults, they make the mistake of getting into business together in the Windy City.  When that venture fails, it throws a massive wrench in their friendship, leaving Heather completely broke with a one-way ticket back to her hometown.  Now, she’s living with her neurotic older sister and soon-to-be brother in law in a suburban, cookie-cutter neighborhood: Heather’s worst nightmare.  After a few month’s of living like a drone and working a mind numbing customer service job, Heather accepts an alluring invite from a co-worker to a skincare sponsored pool party.  The event turns out to be less a party and more of a recruitment trap for a multi-level marketing company called Enrich.  But before Heather can sneak away, she runs into the last person she expects to see, Sadie, who’s now a well-respected consultant in the Enrich family.  In classic Sadie fashion, she slithers her way back in to Heather’s life while also selling her on the promising perks of becoming an Enrich consultant.  It all sounds like a perfect path to success and a way out of her boring life in suburbia, but can Sadie really be trusted?  Or is she just using Heather for her own personal gain? Hey Hun is an anti-friendship film about dependency, greed, and learning how to let go of toxic relationships.

Hey Hun

Hey Hun

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Development Summary

Hey Hun currently has major talent attached (names available upon request), a comprehensive budget, completed shot list, and Entertainment lawyer lined up to rep the film. The team has potential locations, gear, and a handful of department heads locked in. We are currently seeking funds and looking to film in Spring '24.

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