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- Feature film in pre-production -

Titles: Director, Co-Writer, Producer 


Two privileged besties become obsessed with a young woman through social media. Convinced their friendship can solve all of her life's problems, they lure her to a baby shower under false pretenses.


Best friends Kathleen and Josie have every little detail planned. From the wine to the charcuterie to the conversation; everything has to be perfect for Tamantha’s Baby Shower! Too bad Tamantha won’t be there to enjoy it.


Kathleen and Josie desperately want to meet Tamantha's cousin - AshLeigh, a struggling single Mom they came across via social media. So what if they’ve been doing a little light Facebook stalking? I mean, AshLeigh should be flattered they’re even interested in her, right? But when AshLeigh gets uncomfortable and tries to leave with her gross new boyfriend, their carefully laid plans fall apart, and the women are forced to improvise.   Besties is a fast-paced, tension filled movie that explores the complexities of class, gender, and entitlement among the millennial generation whose perspective of the world is increasingly warped by the burgeoning role of social media. It examines the parasitic relationship between privilege and trauma through the lens of a toxic friendship. 

Besties is ultimately a story about monsters; who they are, what they look like, and how they are made.

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